ONINTZE was born in Santutxu, a neighbourhood in Bilbao. Her parents always tell her about her passion for singing when she was only four years old. She studied music and piano, but at twelve, she used to croon the songs of her favourite pop stars. At sixteen, out of the blue, she decided to buy a guitar and start singing without using the karaoke machine.

She studied Technical Architecture but decided to bet it all on her great passion, MUSIC.

In 2005, she began hanging out with some friends to sing and play and they eventually started SEIREN, her previous project. They released three albums and gave concerts at all the major theatres and squares in the Basque Country. They were nominated for Best New Artist 2008 by GAZTEA Radio Station and 9 of their singles went into the charts of the most popular Basque radios, which led them to recognition from both the press and the audiences.

However, Onintze’s musical interests lie beyond… Maybe that’s why she took up some other instruments, such as the piano, and the bass guitar so that she would have the necessary skills to create her own compositions.

Once she had enough songs so as to start a solo project, she decided to develop them and, at her home, she recorded some demos where she played all the instruments. She chose some of them and showed them to PACO SALAZAR (known for his work with Dani Martin, Amaia Montero, Raphael, Nena Daconte, Georgina, etc.). It was her intention that he would produce her solo debut. He gladly accepted and that’s where it all began.


They began working together, selected the 10 songs that would make up the album which were recorded entirely in Madrid, at Lo-Fi y Didlybom studios. Onintze surrounded herself with talented and experienced musicians to accomplish this project which features Paco Salazar, Mondy Alonso and David Soler, to name just a few.

The songs, all written in Spanish, unabashedly combine electric guitars, electronic sounds and acoustic instruments, thus achieving a wide range of sounds and vibes.

As for the lyrics, ONINTZE, above all, aspires to tell stories. Stories that everybody can relate to sometime in our lives. Some songs are autobiographical, some are other people’s stories but they are always told in the first person and under her personal point of view. By using the tools of introspection and empathy she succeeds in making each story hers.

Without a doubt, this is an album that nobody will remain indifferent to .



A la luz de la luna (2018)