MILLADOIRO has been making the culture and music of Galicia known around the world for 35 years. It is a veteran folk group from Galicia, the most famous group of this land. They recover traditional sounds of musical instruments such as bagpipes, clarinets, ocarina … They have always been very close to the Galician culture, they are loyal to their land and play to maintain the character and essence of their traditional music. They have composed music for several films: In 1986 the film `La mitad el cielo’, by Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, won a Goya thanks to the music created by Milladoiro. They have the recognition of ARTE to the artistic trajectory.

“We have been traveling spaces, silences and geographies for over thirty years; thirty years trying to find the beauty behind each pentagram; time and time putting soundtrack to a country in perpetual imperfect construction; we are his children and we remember the color of dark days and socio-environmental poverty. Thirty years later, we continue searching beauty and harmony in a voyage that has Galicia as the epicenter of a long spiral without borders, and that awaits and demands us to be always at the height of the horizon of sea, sky and earth; a horizon where only hope puts his gaze”.



1980,O Berro Seco

1982, 3

1985, Solfafría

1986, Galicia no país das Maravillas

1989, A Galicia de Maeloc / O berro seco (álbum recopilatorio)

1989, Castellum Honesti

1992, Galicia no Tempo

1993, Vía Lactea

1993, A Xeometria da Alma

1994, Iacobus Magnus

1995, Gallaecia Fulget

1995, As Fadas de Estraño Nome

1996, Antoloxia

1999, No confín dos verdes castros

1999, Auga de Maio

2002, O niño do Sol4

2002, Adobrica suite

2005, 25

2006, Unha estrela por guía

2008, A Quinta das Lágrimas

2016, Milladoiro en Ortigueira (CD+DVD)

2018, Atlántico