After just two years since they presented the emblematic album they recorded with the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Ken Zazpi resumed their project with new ardour and released Phoenicoperus.

There are moments when crisis arises and whether it is a social or a personal one, fear and uncertainty eventually show up as well. But this ordeal may help us close chapters and open paths with a renewed vigour. Life, the same as music, is an eternal rebirth. The band from Gernika used this symbols when they launched their new album, a very special record for a time of change. Everything fades away, except for love, freedom and death. These universal constants are always regenerating inside of us, in order to guide our steps, like sparkling stars in a dark night. From the title to the very core of this work, this is the way this album and its ten magnificent songs were meant to be presented.

Phoenicoperus was mixed and recorded in August and September 2015 at Higain Studio, alongside Haritz Harreguy and Ricky Falkner. Without a doubt, the high quality of the production was vital to the project’s success and gave the new songs the strength they convey, and Ricky Falkner’s great job helped revitalize the musical pop-rock-psychedelic universe so characteristic of the band, thus enhancing already great songs.

In a few words, Ken Zazpi’s album grabs us viscerally and manages to move us deeply with these songs which are open and everlasting and have been arranged with the natural ability the band has always had to balance emotions and intensity, so they live on inside of us. The album takes us on an amazing journey where landscapes, moments and other different aspects are somehow connected to multiple sounds, hypnotic rhythms and a colourful array, which recreate a new ludic-musical game, and it is as industrious and perfected as it is alluring and exciting.

  • Eñaut Elorrieta (lead singer and guitar)
  • Igor Artzanegi (bass guitar)
  • Beñat Serna (guitar)
  • Iñaki Zabaleta (keyboards)
  • Jon Fresko (drums)
  • Ruben Caballero (electric guitar)


Atzo da bihar (2001)

Bidean (2003)

Gelditu denbora (2005)

Argiak (2007)

Ken Zazpi urtez zuzenean (2009)

Ortzemugak begietan (2010)

Ken Zazpi & Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa (2013)

Phoenicoperus (2015)