Talking about Itoiz Suite means talking about symphonic variations on the music of Itoiz rock band, which were written for a symphony orchestra by Juan Carlos Pérez, founding member and composer of most of the band’s music. He has tried to preserve the rock aesthetics which inspired the music of the legendary band and adjust it to the typical language of a symphony orchestra.

The idea was brought up a few years ago by the BOS (Bilbao Symphony Orchestra) and its conductor, Juanjo Mena, always keen on such exciting and challenging projects – “When are we going to have a symphonic Itoiz?” When Juan Carlos Pérez’s symphonic work, Bizkaieraz, was premiered in October 2007, they decided the time was right.

The work has seven movements which originally matched some of the band’s songs:

1- Ezekiel, 2- Marea gora, 3- Marilyn, 4- Goizeko deiadar / Lo egin, 5- Lau teilatu, 6- Hegal egiten, 7- Foisis jauna, with a length of 40 / 45 minutes, and a little treat -“Zati txiki bat La m’en”-, a song included in Itoiz’s first album, released in 1978, which will be the only song that will be sung, at the encore. Juan Carlos and Jose Garate, former member of the band, will sing it. He plays the double bass in the BOS now.

It is a symphonic work, without lyrics, driven solely by music, modified upon the original one; reinvented at times, carefully and historically respected at others, but always trying to keep alive the essence of the music that was rooted in the 70’s rock aesthetics. Music, just music.

Music by Itoiz which was written to be performed by a classical symphony orchestra.

Holst, Elgar, Britten, Bernstein, Sibelius and Vaughan Williams are some of the names that watch over this adjustment. It is no coincidence that most of them belong to the Anglo-Saxon culture, since it is well-known that these composers’ cultured music and rock music come from the same tradition.

There are numerous examples of such projects on the international market: symphonic music performed and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, adaptations of the music of legendary rock bands such as The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc… All of which were benchmarks for Itoiz in its most creative time.

So, whether you are already an Itoiz fan who wants to listen to their music in a completely different way, or you are a classical music fan who will be able to enjoy this musical approach, this is an attractive and stirring