Eñaut Elorrieta (Gernika, 1975) is a founding member and singer of established Basque band Ken Zazpi. Atzo da bihar (2001), Argiak (2007) and Phoenicoperus (2015) are some of their albums.

In 2013, Eñaut Elorrieta’s career found a new trajectory when he released his first solo album, Deserriko kantak (Elkar Record Label). Since then, he has combined being part of Ken Zazpi and pursuing his solo career, and has given concerts at numerous venues and theatres.

Deserriko kantak

His live shows are carefully crafted, as he takes the audience on a journey through the paths of his own inner cartography. At the same time, ideas such as homeland and exile will come up in this emotional geography offered to the audience, where exile means loneliness, bareness; it is the account of defenceless feelings.

And Eñaut looks at exile from all these different angles.

And to do so, apart from his own compositions, he has made use of the words of other poets and writers. Some of them suffered political exile (Joseba Sarrionandia and Joan Oliver); some others wrote about it (Mario Benedetti, Harkaitz Cano, Bernardo Atxaga). Eñaut takes this intimate and social issue and uses lyrics and music to delimit an inhabitable piece of land.

Harian (2018, live project)

Since autumn, Eñaut Elorrieta, always restless and eager to undertake new musical challenges, has come up with a new proposal intended to be performed and enjoyed on stage. It is called HARIAN, and features Elorrieta alongside a string quintet, the Kaabestri String Ensemble, made up by five musicians from the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra.

This concert enables an amazing opportunity to savour Ken Zazpi’s singer in a different mood, to listen to his voice wrapped by two violins, a viola, a cello and a double bass and arrangements suitable for the occasion.



Deserriko kantak (2013)