At present, Camané is, unquestionably, the most important fado singer. Acknowledged by sharp critics and audiences, he has brought fado to those who have remained cut off from it or even unmoved by this music style.

His success and recognition has breached borders; The New York Times wrote a rave review of his premiere in New York. Film maker Pedro Almodóvar described him as “the great discovery of male fado”. According to newspaper El País, “the greatest voice in Portugal”.

His passion for fado started at the early age of 12, when he won the contest “Grande Noite do Fado”, which enabled him to record with renowned producer António Chainho.

After a 30-year career, Camané has become the leading fado singer of his generation. He represents a role model alongside contemporary artists such as Mariza or senior singers such as Carlos do Carmo.

Right since the release of his first album, Camané has received countless prizes and awards including a Golden Globe in 2001 as Best Singer given by the SIC television channel, the Blitz Award in 2001 as the Best Singer given by rock magazine Blitz and the Amalia Rodrigues Prize in 2005 as the best fado singer.

In 2007, he participated in the film Fado, directed by Spanish film maker Carlos Saura, where he worked with world class peers such as Mariza, Carlos do Carmo and Miguel Poveda.

EMI MUSIC launched “O Melhor 1995-2013” on the 28th of May, 2013, to celebrate the outstanding career of one of the most respected names in Portuguese music. The anthology brings together, for the first time, those greatest hits he has had over the years. We can find magnificent gems such as “Uma Noite de Fados”, which was recorded for his first album, as well as “Do Amor E Dos Dias” included in his latest one. There is a new song called “Ai Margarida”, a track with a jazzy vibe, lyrics by Fernando Pessoa and music by Mário Laginha, one of the most influential jazz musicians in Portugal. There is also “Já Não Estar”, the song that Camané performed for the soundtrack of the film “José y Pilar”, directed by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, which tells the love story between Literature Nobel Prize José Saramago and his wife, Spanish journalist Pilar del Río.

  •             Amalia Rodrigues Award: Best Fado Singer (2005)
  •             Golden Globe (SIC TV – 2001)
  •             Blitz Award (2001)
  •             “A major star in Portugal and one of his generation’s leading fado singers”. New York Times.
  •             “The greatest voice in Portugal” El País.
  •             “The great discovery of male fado” Pedro Almodóvar.


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