Calaisa has made a journey many only dream about doing. In 2004 the three unknown girls went to Nashville and got themselves a record contract with Universal Nashville, the world’s most successful record label. They recorded a million dollar album in Nashville and was launched as the new young Swedish Dixie Chicks in the United States. The story of their unlikely journey became national news in Sweden and the United States. When the documentary about their trip was shown on the Swedish TV Calaisa´s first album Calaisa (2006) sold gold.

But when Calaisa´s U.S. tour were about to begin, the record label boss was unexpectedly  fired and the tour was cancelled. For most bands this would have been enough to give up, but Calaisa had seen that dreams could come true and knew that adversity could be turned into strength.

The audience’s love was the fuel that took Calaisa around Sweden and Europe over the next two years. In 2008 they participated in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest with “If I Could” and in 2009 they recorded the next album, Grafton Street, with their own money. In 2012, the next album arrives, Up to us.

Up to us is as seamless as their debut, but has a new depth, a new realization that the dream of living on their music requires blood, sweat and tears.



Calaisa – 2006

Grafton Street – 2009

Up To Us – 2012