Blas Fernández is one of the most respected drummers in the Spanish musical scene, proof of which is the many concerts and recordings with artists such as Mauri Sanchis, Soledad Giménez, Kepa Junkera, Benito Lertxundi, Gontzal Mendibil, Mikel Urdangarin, El Consorcio, etc.

He has also recorded alongside international artists such as Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Dean Brown, Chuck Loeb, Steve Weingart and Joey DeFrançesco.

Having spent a long time gaining experience, sharing and working on other renowned artists’ projects, he has released Urbanetniko, his first album as a leader.

His career has been extensive and it incorporates different genres, from jazz, funk and folk, to blues, Latin and even pop music. This melting-pot of musical styles provides an open and global character to his music, which spreads in every direction and is always eager for new influences.

In this new adventure he will be accompanied by:

  • Jose Luis Canal: Piano, keyboards and programming
  • Angel Unzu: Guitar
  • Raül Vera: Guitar
  • Rober Caballero: Electric bass guitar and double bass
  • Blas Fernández: Drums
  • Guest artist: Oreka TX

“Urbanetniko is the result of blending different music styles. My career really has been eclectic and it incorporates different genres, from jazz, funk and folk to blues, Latin or pop. I like to think that the different music styles are like musical tribes, ethnic groups, families or communities that inhabit neighbourhoods in cities. Thus, the urban space becomes a privileged place for dialogue, cohabitation and musical blending.

This is also a little tribute to all my peers, who have always been there for me, musically speaking, and invited me to be part of their musical journeys, sharing their experiences, passing on their knowledge and values and helping me grow up, mature and develop as a musician and a person. In spite of being certain about the way I wanted my songs to sound like and the arrangements they needed, José Luis Canal’s musical direction was absolutely priceless. Not only is he a brilliant and outstanding musician, but it turns out he is also one of my best friends and knows exactly what and how I like it. That is the reason why it is so easy to work with him; we have a fantastic relationship and a total musical understanding. For the record to sound just the way José Luis and I had devised it, we entrusted it to Alberto Macías for his wisdom and experience and for his boldness and positive attitude towards new things.

Youkali Music record label introduced me to their XXI century music catalogue. It is a multicoloured, cosmopolitan, trans generational proposal that perfectly suits this record’s philosophy.”


Urbanetniko (2015)